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Digital Advertising

Understanding consumers’ behaviors as they switch between devices remains one of the toughest challenges facing marketers today. Here at Converze Media Group, we take pride in having over 10 years of experience working with clients in understanding how digital plays into the holistic marketing mix. We are experts in driving digital traffic, engagement, sales and advocacy.

In an age where technology consumes the daily lives of consumers, from the time they wake in the morning to the very last streaming video they watch at night, ad campaigns need to incorporate digital opportunities if a brand wants to keep people engaged. The data collected, analyzed and used to reach the right person, on the right device and with the right creative moves beyond just the impression. Personalization brings forth a unique dialogue for brands and their consumers. This means that with digital media, clients are offered the most targeted media plans that not only produce ROAS, but produce insights, analytics and accountability. The ability to track every activity, makes optimizing plans an algorithmic norm.

From custom programs to programmatic efficiencies, clients get the best recommendation from skilled planners and buyers. As the technology industry keeps moving at exponential speeds, Converze Media understands the importance of staying abreast with the latest trends and remaining active in the digital ad community. Our network of vendors, developers, creative minds span from coast to coast and include some of the industry’s very best!

Digital Media Planning and Buying Services

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Brand Safety 3rd Party Tag Implementation
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Consumer Insights- behavioral studies
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OTT (Over-The-Top)
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Mobile, Tablets, and Gaming Consoles
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Display/Banner Ads (programmatic and site direct)
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Digital Radio and
Digital Video
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Cross-device strategy, planning, buying and implementation
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Email Marketing
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Creative strategy, production and multivariate testing
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Analytics, Optimizations and Reporting

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

- Albert Einstein

Online media spend in the US totaled $145.3 billion in 2019, up 19.1% over 2018. 2020 looks like another strong year for digital media spend, with total investments expected to reach $166.4 billion, an increase of 14.5% from last year, per a report from Winterberry Group. What does this mean? It means that advertisers that don’t take advantage of the changing world will be left behind in a world without the new generations of consumers. As buzz words like “big data”, “synergy”, and “gamification” fill the conversations of the majority, the digital team at Converze Media understands that these confusing terms are just fluff and instead focus their energy on providing a no-BS approach to bringing clients valuable, transparent and creative recommendations.  

We don’t aim to confuse. We don’t aim to use clients’ dollars to advance our own agendas. And we don’t claim we know it all.

A relationship with Converze Media’s digital team is an open, honest conversation. Our team of experts take the time to explain complicated technologies in the simplest terms possible, making sure that everyone involved feels comfortable and excited to implement a digital campaign!

Knowing how to use each tactic against a broader sales-driven strategy is a key component of our success. When you choose to work with Converze Media and you hear our digital solutions, you will see how a smart, holistic viewpoint ties into a well-rounded understanding of consumer behavior and how that understanding drives sales.

Sample of ROAS-driving DIGITAL ads