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Print Advertising

Print ads are an excellent strategy to use for clients most interested in monopolizing on the deeper connection publications have with their readers. Not only does print have mass-circulation in some instances, but the medium also serves as a safe means of communicating with consumers as they dedicate their undivided attention to content they value. At Converze Media, we work with clients to take advantage of print’s unlimited exposure, reach, non-intrusive form, high ad recall, story-telling potential and content targeting capabilities. With our unique tracking strategies and direct response best practices, clients benefit by placing relevant ads against a highly visible and efficiently priced fixed ad position.

Print strategies also incorporate solutions that can effectively reach niche audiences, can influence a desired geographic region or city and can be used in accordance with timing a specific promotion or event. When brainstorming with clients, print is always an element of a holistic approach, whether it’s an extension of a specific online buy, TV buy or whether the publication for that week/month debuts content relevant to a client's needs. Many publications also offer a more custom approach to ad buying in allowing brands to purchase advertorials that live adjacent to relevant editorial content, giving clients the premium positioning and consideration as a natural extension of content they already trust.

The team at Converze Media has extensive experience placing print ads and purchasing direct mailers to most accurately reach your target audience and generate ROAS. Our services also include design and production of ads for clients that need creative assistance and/or direct response messaging. Technology has also introduced a unique ability to use QR Codes, SMS short codes and unique URL inclusions to keep readers engaged with brands by taking active action toward learning more, seeing exclusive content, or simply entering a discount code.

Print Media Planning and Buying Services

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“Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret... to put the very heart throbs of a business into type, paper and ink.”

- Leo Burnett

Converze Media also knows that iPads and the introduction of PDF versions of magazines are increasing in popularity and often use the new medium as a means to extend the print buy into the digital realm. Print placements can be highly visible and impactful with some of the industry’s highest brand recall measurements. High impact print ads include: front page, back page, gatefolds, polybags, toppers, etc.

Buyers at Converze Media maintain close relationships with publications and direct mail suppliers so rates are aggressively negotiated to bring our clients the most efficient buy. Clients often receive added value through our understanding of the inventory and the industry as a whole, therefore exceeding all expectations to their delight!

Sample of ROAS-driving PRINT ads