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Radio Advertising

With over a century of experience in radio collectively, Converze Media is firmly entrenched in the radio business and has developed relationships with more than 12,000 radio stations across the United States. We have grown to become one of the largest ROAS-driven radio buying agencies in the US.

Having had the bulk of experience against direct response radio ads, there is an undeniable level of cost savings Converze Media offers our clients. Our clients average 50%+ off traditional radio rates. Through years of exclusive agency partnerships with top leading radio stations, our team of buying experts negotiate the lowest rates against a well-refined strategy that places your response-driven radio ads in front of the most qualified audience.

We are transparent with the buys, bring analytical insights and years of experience to every converzation. Weekly optimizations take into account a myriad of variables such as:  rate reduction, new copy, new stations, formats, creative lengths, online/offline calls-to-action, messaging, offers, etc. With all the moving pieces, radio advertising is an area that Converze Media most excels in. We negotiate north of $60+ million annually in fixed and preemptible radio on a local and national level. This ensures our clients attain the largest ROAS possible.

That’s no joke! We know what we are doing and if you would like an agency who understands this space managing your campaigns from start to finish, then we just may be the agency for you!

Radio Media Planning and Buying Services

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Local and national inventory (Terrestrial AM/FM radio)
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On-Air endorsements
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Celebrity endorsements
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Digital Radio
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Direct response back end set-up, optimizations and tracking
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Creative scriptwriting, production and testing
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Research, analytics, reporting, and ROAS success
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Advanced Tools & Attribution Software (Strata, CORE, TV Squared, Media Monitors)
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Campaign management and delivery from start to finish

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

The radio advertising market in the US is expected to increase from $17.8 billion this year to $18.4 billion in 2020, with online radio ads projected to grow to 9.7% share of radio revenues by 2020. Radio is a thriving and impactful channel to use when overall reach and actionable conversions are needed.

Clients receive all backend tracking set-up and privileges at no extra cost. Through innovative, calls-to-action driving consumers online or a phone call, every lead and sale is accounted for and used to further refine and optimize future campaigns. Learnings never go un-used and no two clients are the same. We regularly conduct brand lift studies, ROAS analysis and evaluate our clients’ growth to ensure we’re doing our jobs right. Converze Media will advise you on all elements of the listener experience to ensure the pathway to conversion is as seamless and direct as possible.

Driving ROAS is always our primary goal and creating radio strategies from start to finish gives our clients an advantage unmatched by any other agency.